Monday, November 19, 2007

Alec Baldwin Does It

The wrong reason to do something. Not that I have anything against Alex Baldwin, 30 Rock is a hilarious show. But I don't take my social cues, dietary restrictions, or much of anything from him. But he is a vegetarian, and in my new "Vegetarian Starter Kit" (a 25 page pamphlet that Pamela Anderson sent me upon personal request on her answering machine. In case you want, she asked me not to give out her number, but it's 1-888-834-3663. Why she has a toll free number, don't ask me) Alec gives me an inspiring message:

"Every time we sit down to eat, we make a choice: Please choose vegetarianism. Do it for... animals. Do it for the environment and do it for your health."

Nice words Mr. Baldwin. In fact the whole first two pages are filled with other celebs that are also vegetarians, and I think PETA wants you to see their faces more than they think you will be convinced by their words. Celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney, Tobey Maguire, Casey Affleck, Natalie Portman, Common, Russel Simmons, Joaquin Phoenix, Clint Eastwood, and the Dalai Lama. Compelling reasons to go vegetarian, aren't they. Oh, I forgot to include their short messages about why they are vegetarian? I'll write it next time, but I think the names speak for themselves.

I know celebrities are cool, but they are just the wrong people to listen to for dietary choices. No one loves a preachy celeb as much as I do, but lets leave them to tell us about fashion choices, global warming, and AIDS. Well at least fashion choices. Or.. what movies to see, they can have that.

Jokes aside, this guide is alright. On the next pages it has info about how to get the protein, iron, and vitamin B12 you miss out on from cutting meat. There is information about the ills of dairy and some good substitutes. A story on raising vegan kids, and a doctor's opinion on weight loss from vegetarianism. Then PETA acts a bit more like PETA and runs a series called "Meet Your Meat." Hey! They stole our pun... Anyway, they show pictures of chickens and cows and pigs and fish being exploited and miss treated. Paul McCartney makes a pitch for the environment (the best reason by far!....err I mean they are all good.) and then there are more tips on switching. The final pages include some recipes that look pretty yummy. All in all its actual pretty helpful even though it is so skimpy. I will definitely hang onto it for the future when I decide to go 100% vegetarian. Well, maybe. Comment and let me know if I should! Hehe, we are getting pretty shameless asking for comments. But we just want to know you are reading!

Anyway, a few more days until the big day. I am excited to eat the turkey (a turducken is a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken - a John Madden creation. Every vegetarian's worst nightmare. I can just imagine an Alicia Silverstone-Madden Thanksgiving). Then I think I'll try just doing chicken and fish. We'll see how that goes. Don't think I'll blog about it so you'll have to aks me in person.

Has anyone tried a veggie burger yet?


Nick N. said...

Alec Baldwin is not a vegetarian. One time I was talking to him and he was like, "Wanna go eat some meat? You don't eat meat? What are you, one of them fitness freaks? Go fuck yourself."

Dev, I hope you know what that is a reference to.

Alexandra Dyke said...

Thanks for explaining turkducken. (That's what I voted for on the poll!) I have some friends who once made a meat salad: hot dogs, ham, hamburg, chicken. Seriously.

Alex Blanski said...

The notion of going vegetarian forever is a tricky thing. It would be alright, I have reached that point I think. But I also feel like there is some room for a little meat here and there, and it does taste so good. I am torn.

Devin E said...

I am quite torn myself. I think if that's where this leaves us Alex, then that's progress. And other Alex, that meat salad sounds amazing..err.. I mean disgusting. Actually, quite gross. And Nick, I swear I know what that is........ucb?

Nick N. said...

Departed, mah boy. Steve Hags got it (see my Facebook wall).

By the way Dev, my excitement meter for tonight/tomorrow is at about 4/10. That might seem low to you, but it's a very conservative scale and it rarely reaches 3 or 4, so you're in pretty good shape.

Amythest Hades said...

I advise going veggie personally.
I am vegetarian but not vegan.

Tofu is a good source of protein. And to get iron out of your GREEN veggies, just drink a glass of orange juice, the vitamin C helps to absorb the iron.

I have been veggie for three to four years I think it is now. I have had a couple of health issues but that is because I stopped eating all together not through lack of meat.

I do take a multi-vitamin a day, but that is by choice and just incase I wasn't getting enough of what I needed. I have rarely been sick (was only one in family not to get Swine Flu, I am the ony non-meat eater).

For those who are thinking it, just be careful, I have some friends who slowly went to a veggie diet, I myself went straight off it, I had no problems personally....

As for being vegan, I know lots of healthy people who are vegan, including little children who are....
Its all a matter of choice and preference

Tom said...

If Alec Baldwin is truly vegetarian (actually, I believe he claims to be vegan), he is proof that you can be overweight while not eating meat. There is hope for us all.

Anonymous said...

I am also vegan and the only one in my family not to get the swine flu woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

this blog is a joke. if you feel like whining and complaining about celebrities and their mismatched campaigns, why not write an entirely new blog about that? Celebrities are people who can be just as smart or stupid as you, only difference is that others seem to care about their opinion. I, by the why, have the same PETA brochure and if you ever heard of the profession of an editor you might understand why all of the celebs only had oneliners and not 5 pages to explain why they don't eat meat. Not because they are shallow (yes, I think even Pam could give some good arguments for a vegetarian diet) but because PETA has an in-house editor whose job it is to reduce every statement in a poignant and concise fashion.

Devin said...

Wow. I haven't checked this blog in years. I am amazed to see we are still getting comments! Well, I doubt anyone will see this, but as an update I have been mostly-vegetarian for 2 years now! In March of 2008, 4 months after this experiment ended, a friend decided she wanted to try going veg. I told her I'd do a month with her for support. Well, after the 4 weeks, she was having a tough time with it and I hadn't even noticed. I figured if it was that easy I would just stick with it. 2 years later, I eat fish on occasion, but haven't had any other meat since! This experience really changed the direction of my life, as I now desire to pursue a career that helps me promote vegetarianism.

As for complaining about celebs, I am a bit confused about what you took offense to... I think the point of my post was merely to comment on the fact that the "hook" of vegetarianism was being presented as, "Celebrities do it, and so should you!" I don't deny their role; having influential people for a cause is always helpful. But to plaster them on the cover and opening pages implies that they are the best reason for switching. I think people who are a bit more suggestible could see that and switch for that reason. Being someone who whole heartedly believes in the benefits of the diet, I am ok with that, to an extent. But I was more making commentary on the fact that I felt the diet had more to offer than the opportunity to do something someone famous does too.

And clearly I am aware of editors, and why the celebs only had one line. I was not denying their ability to expound on the subject.

Anyway, thanks for commenting years later!

Sustainalogic said...

Hi Devin,

Maybe you won't see this for another 2 or 3 years... ;-) but I just wanted to say that I came across your blog and am really glad and impressed that initiated your little 'experiment' and kept it up for over 2 years! It's so encouraging to others that you say you find it so easy and don't miss meat. I'm very happy for you that your vegetarian diet has changed the direction of your life. And a career promoting vegetarianism - sounds brilliant! I have been veggie for 5 years and vegan for the last 3 of those. It's amazing, I feel fantastic, I never get ill and I'm so happy knowing that I am making the best choice for animals, the environment and myself. I never think about or get cravings for meat or dairy products - I don't even consider those things as 'food' anymore.

Happy days

Anonymous said...

I've been a vegan for 22 - yes twenty two! years and never felt or looked better! I'm in top shape and have more energy than I did back when I ate meat. You know that sluggish feeling you get after eating mcdonalds? or the extra weight around your gut/thighs/neck? vegans don't! It is a myth and brainwashing that humans are 'supposed' to eat meat. Meat is unnecessary- and actually BAD for you! I'm living proof.