Friday, November 9, 2007

Big Iron

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Doesn’t that meat just look delicious? The sweet, savory tenderloins on the left, next to the chicken legs and turkey breasts, with the bacon in the foreground set beautifully underneath ham, steaks, and ribs. Mmmmmm. I miss meat. I would like to thank a commenter on a recent post for calling us on not including pictures of meat. I hope this makes up for our clear bias against meat. I promise you, Mr. N, that this was not an intended consequence of our blog about going vegetarian. We in no way planned to have any bias in our posts, let alone bias against something as delicious as meat. Again, let me apologize for writing a blog about going vegetarian with such a clear bias towards vegetables. I can’t imagine what lead me to do that. This picture I can only hope will heal the wounds we collectively gashed in our readers hopes and dreams.

(Editor’s Note: The above is saturated with sarcasm, but I am in no way in a feud with Mr. N. At least not after this concession and the photo above. Bias removed, valiant commenter.)

So, Big Iron. One of the things I was told about meat was that it is a good source of iron. Get your iron, they say. If you give up meat, you gotta take iron supplements. Oh, I wouldn’t go vegetarian if I were you, you won’t get enough iron. Iron iron iron. I am sick of it. How true is it?

I decided to put the theory to the test the other day, after being inspired to add a multivitamin to my daily routine. (Trips to CVS always end horribly, with me spending 30 bucks on stuff I didn’t know I needed, when all I wanted was some hair gel.) I got the multivitamin “with iron!” because of this myth (oops I gave away my conclusion… save it Devin, come on… its not a myth, meat is the only source of iron… yessss, saved it.) So the other day my diet consisted of (and I’m not necessarily proud of this, it was a lazy day for me, didn’t feel like cooking cool things.. unless you are impressed, then I intended it and eat this stuff everyday!):

2 PB and J’s


Apple Cinnamon Bar

Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats (45%)


Pizza Rolls

Yogurt and Granola

I added up the total %DV of iron I got from these glorious foods, and I was sitting pretty at 95%! What a load of crap. It was only 9, and I had another bowl of cereal (45% of iron alone in the cereal) so I was well over my needs. We have all been fed a bunch of lies by Big Iron. You’ve heard of Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Drugs, Big Tobacco, Big Candy, and Big Bird, but one culprit that I am proud to expose is Big Iron (who works for Big Meat, but talking about Big Meat sounds weird…). Thousands of people choose not to go vegetarian on a daily basis because they fear not getting enough iron in their diets. Well I am here to tell you that you need not worry. You will be fine.

On a different note, I went to the BU basketball game tonight, our home opener, so they had a “party” with “free food.” Of course it was hot dogs and chips. No love.

So this is the 2 week mark, and I have to say, not much is new from the 1 week mark. I actually like being vegetarian. It seems easier, for some reason. Like I don’t have to worry about meat, even though it’s always a constant thought to make sure I don’t have any. I can’t explain it, but its nice. So, I challenge you, like Alex did a few days ago, to give it a shot. Even if its just for 2 weeks, you may surprise yourself and find you actually like it. Even if you love meat and say to yourself daily “I could NEVER go vegetarian; I love meat too much,” keep in mind that I said that all the time before this experiment. Daily. In fact I was a pretty boring person and all I would say to people is how I could never go vegetarian. Going vegetarian has liberated me and made me an interesting person with more to say than things about meat. And it always gives you something interesting to write about too… right… this is interesting to read yeah? Oh dear…. I have lost all my readers. Sorry for the shorter post, but I have gotten comments (verbal – everyone is afraid to post written comments) about how I need to shorten up my posts anyway, so I guess I apologize for boring you all, and you should be thankful I have nothing more to say. Goodnight, talk to y’all soon.

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